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Wholesale India. Wholesale clothing in Bangalore (India).

One of the largest cities in India, where wholesale clothing produced in Indian factories is carried out, is Bangalore. This large and modern city is conveniently located in the South of India in the South-Eastern part of Karnataka and is considered one of the largest IT-centers in Asia.


Many clothing wholesalers from other cities and States of India have their own wholesale warehouses and stores here. In addition, transport junctions are developed in Bangalore very well, which has a positive impact on the transportation of wholesale goods around the world.


The variety of wholesale clothing in Bangalore will amaze any wholesale customer, and the prices of these wholesale goods are among the cheapest in Asia. For example, men's jeans of average quality can be bought by wholesale for only 200-300 rupees (3-4 dollars), and men's jeans of good quality for 400-600 rupees (6-8 dollars). In Bangalore, wholesale purchase of T-shirts, jeans, women's dresses, children's clothing, as well as many other goods are available for wholesale customers.


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