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Wholesale Russia. Wholesale of clothing from Russia.

In Russia, wholesale of clothing is carried out mainly in local wholesale markets, but, with the development of digital technologies, wholesale of clothing is gradually moving to online platforms.


The main textile factories for Russian clothes production are located in Ivanovo city.


Prices for wholesale clothing in Russia depend on its quality and the total amount of the wholesale order - the larger the order amount, the greater the discount from the manufacturer.


So, for example, Russian-made T-shirts of average quality will cost the buyer 150-200 rubles (2-3 dollars). For 300-500 rubles (4-6 dollars), the buyer will get a T-shirt of good quality.


As a lot of clothes are produced in Russia, we will be pleased to help all wholesale customers with their choice. For a consult on the wholesale purchase of goods from Russia, write to us by email: [email protected]


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