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Wholesale USA. Denver Mart Announces a New Wholesale Market in 2021.

The Denver January Market will host its inaugural event January 19-22, 2021.  This new market week will highlight our existing Outdoor, Workwear, Footwear, Western, Gift and Apparel tenants. Our tenant base has an extensive list of recognizable brand names. Their focus on sustainability and trending products for the active lifestyle is by in large the focus and reasoning behind the creation of this new Market.


The Denver January Market will land during Denver’s Stock Show timeframe making it a destination for Buyers to come participate in a great business opportunity and stay to enjoy all that Denver has to offer.


This new market will be added into the line-up of 23 markets that the Denver Mart holds each year that include Bi/Annual Rocky Mountain Gift and Denver Apparel Shows that provide a broad selection of Gift, Souvenir, Lodge, Imprint Resort Wear, Contemporary Fashion and Accessories.

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