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Wholesale China. Rich Chinese shun Hong Kong.
Rich Chinese are expected to park fewer funds in Hong Kong on worries that Beijing’s proposed national security law for the city could allow mainland authorities to track and seize their wealth. More than half of Hong Kong’s estimated private wealth of over $7.75t (US$1t) is from mainland individuals who have parked money there, according to bankers.


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Wholesale UK. China and UK plan joint trade.
The United Kingdom is currently conducting a joint trade and investment review with China as both sides are keen to deepen business ties. They will discuss details on how both sides can further improve trade and investment ties, as well as explore all options for enhancing the trade and investment relationship without prejudging outcomes.


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Wholesale Spain. China and Spain will create joint wholesale centers.
In 2020, China increased its "business Empire" by purchasing a 51% stake in the Spanish container terminal operator Noatum Port, which owns container ports in Valencia and Bilbao. Many European manufacturers are seriously concerned about such a powerful expansion of China in Europe, as many Chinese wholesale manufacturers are opened up by new opportunities for logistics of their goods to Spain and Portugal.


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Wholesale China. Smartphone shipments projected to fall a record 12% in 2020.
Worldwide smartphone shipments are expected to fall by 11.9 percent this year – their biggest annual drop ever – indicating things are going to get worse for the industry before they get better.


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Wholesale India. Wholesale clothing in Bangalore (India).
One of the largest cities in India, where wholesale clothing produced in Indian factories is carried out, is Bangalore. This large and modern city is conveniently located in the South of India in the South-Eastern part of Karnataka and is considered one of the largest IT-centers in Asia.


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Wholesale Russia. Wholesale of clothing from Russia.
In Russia, wholesale of clothing is carried out mainly in local wholesale markets, but, with the development of digital technologies, wholesale of clothing is gradually moving to online platforms. The main textile factories for Russian clothes production are located in Ivanovo city.


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Wholesale Africa. VISA together with PAGA opened a service for accepting payments in Africa.
Based in Lagos, Nigeria, PAGA company has created a multi-channel network for 15 million customers, providing them an opportunity to transfer money, pay bills and buy things digitally through a mobile app where all transactions are made through the VISA global network. This will greatly simplify the wholesale purchase of goods produced on the African continent.


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Wholesale USA. Denver Mart Announces a New Wholesale Market in 2021.
The Denver January Market will host its inaugural event January 19-22, 2021. This new market week will highlight our existing Outdoor, Workwear, Footwear, Western, Gift and Apparel tenants. Our tenant base has an extensive list of recognizable brand names. Their focus on sustainability and trending products for the active lifestyle is by in large the focus and reasoning behind the creation of this new Market.


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Welcome to the global wholesale online platform Chameleon Wholesaler!
We are pleased to welcome you to our wholesale online platform Chameleon Wholesaler, where all wholesale customers will find the goods they need. On Chameleon Wholesale there are wholesalers from China, the USA, India, the European Union, Russia & CIS and Turkey.


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